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林貝容 助理教授
林貝容 助理教授(專任)
Bei-Jung Lin Assistant Professor



2010-2015 美國Janelia研究園區博士後(Postdoc, Janelia Research Campus, USA)

2006-2008 德國哥廷根大學博士後 (Postdoc, University of Göttingen, Germany)

2001-2006 德國哥廷根大學神經科學博士 (PhD Neuroscience, University of Göttingen, Germany)

1999-2001 台灣大學醫學院生理所碩士 (M.S., Physiology, National Taiwan University)

1995-1999 台灣大學動物系學士 (B.S., Zoology, National Taiwan University)



2002-2005 Goerg-Christoph-Lichtenberg-Stipendiums, Niedersachsen State, Germany

1997 College Student Research Scholarship, National Science Council, Taiwan

1995, 1996 President Awards, National Taiwan University



Lee, D., Lin, B.J., Lee, A.K. 2012. Hippocampal place fields emerge upon single-cell manipulation of excitability during behavior. Science 337(6096):849-53.

Chen, T.W.*, Lin, B.J.*, Schild, D. 2009. Odor coding by modules of coherent mitral/tufted cells in the vertebrate olfactory bulb. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 106(7):2401-2406 (*equal contribution)

Lin, B.J., Chen, T.W., Schild, D. 2007. Cell-type specific relationships between spiking and [Ca2+]i in neurons of the Xenopus olfactory bulb. Journal of Physiology 582(1):163-175.

Chen, T.W., Lin, B.J., Brunner, E., Schild, D. 2006. In-situ background estimation in the quantitative fluorescence imaging. Biophysical Journal 90(7):2534-2547.

Kuo, C.C., Lin, B.J., Chang, H.R., Hsieh, C.P. 2004. Use-dependent inhibition of the N-methyl-D-aspartate currents by felbamate: a gating modifier with selective binding to the desensitized channels. Molecular Pharmacology 65(2):370-80.



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